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Tri State Fire & Security

Tri State Fire & Security is a full service Fire & Security Systems Company. We provide new installation, inspection, repair for all types of Fire & Security Systems and devices. We service multiple locations: Southern California. Arizona along the Colorado River. Hawaii - Ohau, Maui, Kaui.

We are licensed, bonded, insured for commercial, industrial, residential fire & security system services. We can provide complete service & inspection packages for your business that eliminate using multiple vendors for your different types of systems and devices. Think of us as a one stop shop for all your fire & security service needs.

Fire Alarm Systems

We provide install, inspection, repair, of fire alarm systems in accordance with NFPA 72. Fire alarm systems are inspected annually per NFPA 72.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

We provide 24/7 monitoring of fire alarm systems with fire department dispatch in accordance with NFPA 72.

Security Systems for Home and Business

We provide Intrusion protection, motion sensors, glass break detection, touchscreen control panels, remote phone access and control, 24/7 alarm monitoring with police dispatch.

Video Camera Systems for Home and Business

We provide CCTV security camera systems. Camera video can be viewed with onsite monitors or via cell phone access and saved recording plans are available. View video feed from anywhere in or around your home or business.

Medical / Hold Up Event Monitoring

Monitored alert necklaces, bracelets for falls, medical events or hold up, discrete panic buttons for hold up alert, all offered with 24/7 medical or police dispatch.

Home Automation

We can give you remote access and control of your home while your away. Adjust thermostats, lighting, irrigation, key less entry remote door locks, video doorbells and many more features are available.

Home Audio

We can pre wire new construction to accommodate central sound or intercom throughout your home. We can service and repair existing sound & intercom systems and components.

Emergency & Exit Lights

Many business facilities experience a power outage at some point and of course there's the possibility of an emergency. Fully operational emergency lights and exit signs are critical to help guide your building occupants to safety. But functioning lights leading to a safe evacuation doesn't happen by accident. They require consistent testing and inspections to help keep them ready. General testing requirements are annual 90 minute load tests and some areas require monthly push button testing.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Tri State Fire Systems inspects fire sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 25 and local authorities having jurisdiction. Service intervals for fire sprinkler systems are quarterly in some jurisdictions, annual inspection in most jurisdictions, 5 year certification testing in all jurisdictions.

Fire Pumps & Flow Testing

Like all other equipment, fire pumps efficiency deteriorates over time. Fire pumps are vulnerable to external factors such as corrosive environments, tampering, accidental damage and careless use. Since they are used so infrequently, fire pumps must be routinely inspected to determine their efficiency, condition, and need for routine maintenance. Fire pumps are required to be flow tested annually and should be run weekly and or monthly at a minimum to keep them in proper working order.

Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are intended as a first line of defense and are serviced per NFPA 10 & in conjunction with state and local Fire Authorities having jurisdiction. Fire extinguishers are required to be inspected and certified annually.

Kitchen Hood / Spray Booth Fire Suppression Systems

Wet & Dry chemical fire suppression systems are serviced per NFPA 17A – wet chemical extinguishing systems & NFPA 96 – Kitchen & Spray booth fire systems are required to be serviced and certified twice a year or semi-annually.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems are widely used in today’s high-tech environments to help limit damage to important data. Tri State Fire Systems uses the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 2001 – Standard on Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems & NFPA 72 – Fixed suppression systems are serviced and certified semi-annually.

Electrical Install & Repair

We provide high and low voltage new install and repair for your home or business in limited areas call for details.

Solar Systems

We provide solar systems for your business or home in limited areas call for details.

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